Tribit Quiet Plus Bluetooth Headphones Review

Tribit Quiet Plus Bluetooth Headphones Testing

Putting them to the Test

After seeing the sleek design of the Tribit Quiet Plus Headphones, I immediately wanted to try them out. I hooked them up via Bluetooth to my phone, which was a simple process. After a few minutes of listening, I was blown away by the sound quality. This is one of their core values, and I think they met it with this pair of headphones. After that, I decided to test out the noise-canceling features of the headphones. After turning them on, I was sent into another (quieter) dimension, or so it seemed. In reality, everything just became a LOT quieter. When you turn on the noise-canceling features of the QuietPlus headphones, you will barely be able to hear anything around you. If you are listening to something, you might as well forget the outside world because you are entranced into whatever you are experiencing. I decided to then pair these headphones with video games and a movie. Surely if the music was that spiritual with these headphones, these other forms of entertainment would be too. Sure enough, I was right. I decided to try them out on a game I was playing at the time Bioshock. I decided to use these with this experience because the game is already a very personal experience. When you cut out outside noise with the QuietPlus headphones it was very hard to get distracted while playing. I would compare this most to the noise canceling on the newest Airpod pros. They must use the same noise-canceling tech because they were very similar experiences. No matter your opinion on Apple products, that is nothing but a compliment to Tribit as the Airpod Pros shocked me just as much with their noise canceling. 


The Battery Life

This is probably my least favorite feature of the QuietPlus Headphones. The battery life is nothing to scoff at and definitely gets the job done. My main issue with the headphones is the fact that they don’t make it super apparent that they are on or off. The only thing that will indicate that is if you hold the power button and hear an automated voice say power off. The NC button also has a blue button if it is turned on but if this is off it appears as if the headphones are completely off. This lead to many nights of having to plug the headphones in via the AUX cable and charging them at the same time in order to get the unbelievable noise canceling. Therefore, the headphones would end up looking like a failed science experiment with how many wires were coming out of it. They are a wireless pair of headphones until they aren’t. 



Overall the Tribit Quiet Plus headphones have quickly become one of my favorite universal pairs of headphones. I can not only use these while I’m listening to music but I can also use them for enhanced gaming/movie experiences. While the indication of them being on or off is an issue for me, as long as you keep them charging after every use you shouldn’t run into this problem. Overall, if you are in the market for great noise-canceling headphones and maybe aren’t a fan of earbuds I would highly recommend the Tribit Quiet Plus headphones.


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