Tronsmart Element Blaze Bluetooth Speaker Review


When spending time in front of a campfire or outside having a picnic, sometimes it’s nice to play a little music in the background. With the increased capacity of mobile devices, it’s extremely easy to store your entire music collection, but you are either stuck using a headset or using included subpar speakers when listening to it. This is where Tronsmart’s Element Blaze Portable speaker comes in. It is able to connect to your phone via Bluetooth and provide you with great sounds in a small footprint. With the Element Blaze’s 12 hours battery life and the fact that it is IPX56 water resistant, there’s very little places this speaker can’t go and should be ideal for any excursion you are planning. Tronsmart’s Element Blaze is available on NewEgg and can be purchased by clicking here.

We would like to thank Tronsmart for sending us the Element Blaze.

Tronsmart’s Take on The Element Blaze

True Wireless Stereo

Supports True Wireless Stereo allowing it to be paired with another Blaze speaker for richer audio experience.

IPX56 Water Resistant

Blaze can withstand rain, water splashes and sweat.

Super Bass

Dual passive radiators boost superior bass quality.

Cool Lighting Effects

Customizable lighting modes can be changed to suit your ambiance.

There are three lighting effects-Kept on, Flash slowly and Flash rapidly. You can press the light button to ON/OFF and change the lighting effects.

Note: Flash rapidly lighting effect can only be shown over the Bluetooth connection. Under line-in & non-connection modes, you only can switch between steady ON and flash slowly lighting effects.

Bluetooth 4.2

Provides a stable connection up to 33ft.

Mountable Thread

You can mount the Blaze speaker on your bike or with any other compatible automobiles.

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