Tt eSports Black V2 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Packaging and Content

The Tt eSports Black V2 Laser Gaming mice comes in a simple black box. In front, some of the features are highlighted. At the back, the App UI is featured.

The front cover can be opened for you to view and take a feel at the size of the mice. I personally like this packaging idea from Tt eSports. This gives the buyers a good feel of the mice if you are shopping at physical stores that is given that comfort plays a huge role in a mouse’s performance.

Included with the Black V2 gaming mice is a driver CD and manual which is the object on the left of the image below. To the right is a pouch bag for the Black V2 mice.

Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at the Black V2 Gaming Mice below.

On the left side of the mice are two macro buttons. By default these have the forward and backward functions.

No macro keys can be found on the right side of the mice.

The Tt eSports dragon logo can be found on the rear of the mice.

The dragon logo does have a red LED backlighting which can be configured using the application whether you can it on or off.

At the front are the usual mouse 1 and mouse 2 buttons plus the mouse wheel which also has the same red LED backlighting.

At the bottom of the Black V2 laser gaming mice is a pocket which holds the weights.

The Black V2 has 5 x 4.5gram weights inside for a total of 22.5 grams.

The weights can be removed for you to customize the weight to address comfort.

Here’s a look at the gold-plated USB plug of the Black V2 with the Tt eSports logo on it.

Lastly, the entire cable is sleeved and it has a Velcro cable tie for you to tuck in access cable.

Let’s move on to the next page to take a look at the Tt eSports Gaming Program for the Black V2 Laser gaming mice.

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