Tt eSports Isurus Pro Gaming In-Ear Headset Review


Good quality audio gear is crucial in gaming. When the stakes are high, you would want to ensure good communication between your teammates. While gaming headsets in the appearance of headphones, some may not like wearing something around 200 grams of more on their head while playing intensely. Good thing Tt eSports, a division of Thermaltake Technology, has an answer; the Isurus Pro Gaming In-ear headset and we will be taking a look at it today.

Tt eSports’ Take on the Isurus Pro

The new generation of the ISURUS gaming headset, the ISURUS PRO is professionally engineered for Professional gamers and featuring a world’s first detachable microphone. The ISURUS PRO offers clear communication between gamers during intense gameplay by adjusting the microphone to ensure you have a perfect fit. The ISURUS PRO also delivers an astonishing audio and gaming experience with its comfortable ear-fit, allowing players to feel great for long periods of practicing or playing games! The ISURUS PRO also features a compact and powerful 13.5MM dynamic driver!


Are you always ready to challenge your opponent? Are you a pro-gamer that enjoys gaming to the fullest? Do you feel tired and uncomfortable after a long practice session? Are you looking for a decent headphone that sits off the ear or lightly on the ear that won’t be hot and sweaty? Do you want a smaller headset that has all of the features of an ordinary gaming headset? We have listened to many pro gamers and accumulated all their feedback for the past three years and now we are here to provide them what they really want! The ISURUS PRO, is designed for professional gamers for any gaming situation! The Omni-directional microphone allows gamer to place the microphone wherever they need it and our new drivers deliver an excellent audio experience. The ISURUS PRO allows gamers who prefer ear buds instead of traditional gaming headphones a more comfortable way to play!

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