Tt eSPORTS Pulse G100 RGB Headset Review

Packaging & Unboxing

Front of the box shows the headset with the 3D RGB illuminated. We see the model name of Pulse G100 RGB Gaming headset and underneath that, we see that this can be used on multiple platforms including PC, MAC, Xbox One, PS4, and even your mobile device. The package is mainly black with the top part being red in typical Tt eSPORTS fashion. The right side of the front gives the main features such as 3d RGB Color lighting effect, Enhanced Bass, 53mm Oversized Neodymium Drivers, and the In-line control box.

The right side of the box shows the technical specifications in multiple languages. Again mostly black packaging with the top part being red.

The back side of the box gets a little more into detail about the headset itself with key specifications on both the headset and the microphone. We also see the in-line control and what is featured on that. An image of the headset shows the 3D RGB lighting and key components featured such as Leatherette Headband that is lightweight for enhanced comfort and long usage, 53mm oversized neodymium magnet drivers, ultra soft microphone boom.

The left side of the box shows the headset lit up and the soft ear cups. We also see at the top of the packaging the name and some nice RGB graphics.

Bottom of the box is all red with the serial number as well as a QR code and some social media branding.

Removing the packaging we see the headset in a plastic tray, the boom mic is in the middle and the wires are tucked underneath the tray on the underside. Here we can see the first hand look at the quality and just how comfortable the ear cups look.

The only included accessory that was in the box was this 3.5mm splitter which would be used to plug into your phone or any device with only 1 3.5mm port on it. This takes the mic in and the headphone in the connector from the headset and converts it to only 1 plug.

Included in the box was the Pulse G100 RGB gaming headset user manual and Tt eSPORTS warranty policy.

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