Tt eSPORTS Pulse G100 RGB Headset Review

A Closer Look

Removing the headset from the plastic tray we can start to see some of the features that were addressed on the packaging like the soft boom mic, the leatherette headband and the soft ear cushions that enclose the 53mm neodymium magnet drivers.

The left side of the headset has the soft boom mic. My only wish was that this was removable as some people use a standalone microphone while they game.

On the ear cup, we can see the Tt eSPORTS dragon logo.

Moving to the top of the headset we can see the soft leatherette headband this has the Tt eSPORTS branding along the top of the headset along with the dragon logo as well.

Taking a look at the microphone, we can see the soft boom arm of the mic. This is very easily adjustable in times of need when your friends or teammates cannot hear you. My only concern is it might be a little too soft and might suggest that this be a little bit stiffer. I had a couple of times where, when using it, the microphone would get bumped or moved and I would have to readjust it. I also wish that this microphone was removable. Especially if you were using this headset to listen to music on your phone, you’d have to tuck the microphone away.

Here we can see that soft leather ear cups. These are large enough for even the biggest ears and are incredibly comfortable. The ear cups are adjustable and the make a nice seal for semi noise canceling. I was able to comfortably wear these for hours, even with my prescription glasses I didn’t notice any pain or anything.

The inline control box offers some on the fly options such as volume control, turning the microphone on or off and adjusting the brightness of the RGB.

Here we can see the cable for the headset. I do wish that this cable was braided. The headset cable is fairly long and you shouldn’t run into a length issue at all. We have 3 connectors on this cable, 2 3.5mm audio jacks. 1 for the microphone and 1 for the headset. 1 additional USB connector is included as well for the RGB lighting. All 3 connectors are gold plated.

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