Tt eSPORTS Pulse G100 RGB Headset Review


The one night this week I was able to do a little gaming. I fired up the latest gaming craze Apex Legends. I was able to hop into the queue with 2 other gamers and was able to hear the game and them clearly. I did have to adjust the microphone a couple of times. The ability to turn off the microphone when someone came into the room, or if I got a phone call was surprisingly really handy to have. I was able to adjust the brightness with the RGB as well. There is no software currently with this headset. The RGB is not addressable. All RGB functionality is onboard and controlled with the in-line controller. I was able to use this headset for upwards of a couple of hours and didn’t have any fatigue with it. It is extremely comfortable and being that I wear glasses, finding a headset to fit over my glasses and is comfortable is a plus for me.

Here are some shots of the 3D RGB.

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