Tuniq Ensemble 1200 Watt Power Supply

Closer look

Let me be one of the first to let you know that this is one big power supply. At just under nine inches I can say this is one of the largest comsumer power units I have ever seen. You would be hard pressed to put this monster in a case short of being a full size tower. But the chances of someone needing a unit this big would be by an individual that would need a big case. But if you can get pass the size of the Ensemble, the next obvious characteristic of the unit is the color which is a gun metal flavor. It seems gun metal is fast becoming a new flavor in the industry.

Tuniq Ensemble 1200 8

Tuniq Ensemble 1200 9

To give the unit a quick run about we begin at the top where Tuniq decided to use a massive 135mm cooling fan. A power supply of this size definitely needs a fan this big to aid in the cooling of the caps and heatsinks in the inside. And using such a big fan would also mean more quietness.

Tuniq Ensemble 1200 10

Tuniq Ensemble 1200 11

And to help in the whole cooling process we have another 80mm fan on the back half of the unit. Taking a look over at the graphs on Tuniq’s website you will see the speed and the noise levels of the fans all rely on the load put on the power supply. So if you are putting out about a 350 watts load the fans noise levels should not exceed about 20dBA if rotations of 800 and 1750RPM from the 135mm and 80mm fans respectfully.

Tuniq Ensemble 1200 13


For those that want a modular power supply, look somewhere else. The permanent cables of the Ensemble as pretty long and are pretty well sleeved.

Tuniq Ensemble 1200 15

Tuniq Ensemble 1200 17

Tuniq Ensemble 1200 18

Tuniq Ensemble 1200 20

1x 24 pin ATX
6x 4 pin Molex
2x Floppy
1x 4 pin AUX
4 PCIe (6/8)


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