Tuniq Ripper 1000 Watt Power Supply


After all the testing and observation of the Tuniq Ripper, we can now say one thing to sum up its performance: Great. All we loved about the Ripper is that there was very little fluctuation of the rails as we try different applications and games over the weeks we had it on the bench. It was just as stable as any of the $200 models we have had in the lab. And for those that want extra insurance, the Ripper will power and hold up their multiple Nvidia GPU rig will be happy to know the Ripper is SLI certified.

At 1000 watts the Ripper may be more than many of us would need for our systems. If you need just a little bit less, there is a 850 watt Ripper as well. We found the 1000 watt Ripper at Newegg going for $149. At that price who would want to opt for the lower model for a mere $20 cheaper. And at 1000 watts you are more future-proofed as graphic cards will only get bigger and more power hungry.

The only thing I can see any one calling a negative with the Ripper is the fact that it is not modular. We all know that modular unit makes for a cleaner interior of the case but in the case of the Ripper we can only go back to the $149 asking price. And for that price you can just hide the extra cabling in an extra bay.

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