Vantec NexStar 3 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Enclosure


If it really nice to see that there is technology now that will allow for faster external data transfer. And the NexStar SuperSpeed looks great allowing us to come to this determination. The NexStar from Vantec has always led the way when it came to external perpherials, like they did with firewire, eSATA and USB 2.0 protocols. Now that USB 3.0 has came over the horizon we are seeing a lot of new devices from Vantec via their website. And many of them you will see right here on the pages of Pro-Clockers.

The NexStar SuperSpeed needs shares the same elegant profiles as the older models which makes it a well welcome addition to anybody’s desk top. We loved the black mirror finish. And the ease to assemble the unit goes without saying. We spent all of five minutes setting the unit up for operation.

The NexStar does not exit our review without its small hitches. And in the case of the NexStar that is its attraction to fingerprints. Thank goodness there is many reasons for having to handle the enclosure after the initial setup and positioning of the unit. If you have greasy fingers and have to handle the unit a lot you will be doing a lot of cleaning of the exterior shell.

We would like to thank Vantec for sending us over the NexStar SuperSpeed and allowing us to experience our first touch of USB 3.0.

 {aseadnetadblock|vantec nexstar|}

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