Vantec NexStar 3i Hard Drive Enclsoure

Top ImageVantec has added another member to the NexStar 360 lineup. The 3i boasts some things that we have not seen from Vantec in their many ages in the industry. In the past year or so we have seen motherboards feature energy efficiency, now we have it in hard drive enclosures. The 3i has an integrated controller that can regulate power to the drive resulting in less power consumption, less noise and longer drive life. Adding the real reason why  we buy hard drive enclosures, which is for data storage, the new Vantec housing may be worth taking a look at.



The Power Magement Software that is included with the 3i is a very simple application to use.  One of the options you have access to is the Power Scheme option. At default it is set at ‘Auto’ which allows the enclosure to determine power settings. By changing this option to ‘Set by User’ you can tell the enclosure just when to get into what mode.

nexstar-3i 21

nexstar-3i 23

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