Vantec NexStar HDD Duplicator Review


As I have mentioned before, hard drive docking solutions are a dime a dozen in today’s market with just about every custom PC hardware manufacturer carrying at least one model. Vantec is no exception, but anyone who knows Vantec knows that they excel in external storage solutions. This week I am going to be putting Vantec’s NexStar HDD Duplicator to the test, and see what kind of speeds you can expect from this offering. I will also be testing the drive duplication feature as well. 

My initial impression of the Vantec NexStar HDD Duplicator is the same as with every Vantec product I have reviewed over the years… Quality! With that said, I do know that only benchmarking the unit will prove its true performance, and if it is worth the $70 price tag. With that said, let’s get started and see what this thing is made of. 

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