Vantec NexStar SE Dual 2.5″ HDD Internal Enclosure

Installation and Testing

Vantec has kindly provided you with that which you will need for the installation of the NexStar SE Dual; mounting screws, two 4pin Molex to SATA power adapters and even two SATA cables are all included in the box. If by chance your case does not come with a tool-less drive feature, then the only tool you will need is a Philips head screwdriver, nothing after that is required. In order to install a HDD it is a just a matter of laying the drive in the tray and pushing the tray in until the two outer tabs click in. At that point the drive will have been properly seated with the internal power and SATA connector

After the drive has been inserted back into the enclosure, we wait for Windows to recognize it.  (Editor’s Note: You will need to have AHCI enabled in the BIOS in order to properly utilize hotswap as it is intended. Your motherboard may also have a specific setting to enable to indicate which port/s will be used for that, as my ASRock 890FX Deluxe3 does. You can also work around this all if you prefer by simply swapping the drive, going into Device Manager, and having it search for new hardware 😉 Not the most elegant method, but effective nonetheless! If you have not been using AHCI from the start however, you will need to reinstall Windows in order to fully utilize it, and sometimes it might even prevent the OS from booting all if switched after the fact.)

We ran some read test using HD Tune and CrystalDiskMark to make sure the speeds did not slow down while using the enclosure.

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