Vantec Slim Optical Drive Enclosures and Caddies Review


It’s a pretty well-known thing that the majority of enthusiasts are moving away from optical media. This fact is evident with the vast number of cases coming to market with no optical bays. Add that to how Steam accounts for the majority of games sales, and you can see why. However, what about those of us who still like to have an optical drive? The enthusiast who still burns CDs? What about the guy who uses his gaming PC as a media center, but who also feel in love with a case with no 5.25” bays? What if you’re laptop desperately needs more storage, but you just can’t give up that optical bay, or rather, would like to replace the optical bay with an SSD. Well, Vantec has got you covered with their Slim SATA Optical Drive Enclosures. Coming in both 12.7 and 9.5 mm’s, they have an enclosure for any size slim DVD drive. With a product like this, two main question come to mind. First being: How well does it work, if at all? Secondly, how practical are these products? We were able to get our hands on both sizes, 12.7mm and 9.5 mm, of their USB 3.0 their Slim SATA Optical Drive Enclosures, as well as the 2.5” caddies to go along with them. Is optical media really dead? Let’s see how often these products will come in handy. We’d like to thank Vantec for making this review possible.

About Vantec

Vantec was founded in 1994 and based in Fremont, California. Vantec is a leading brand of computer accessories that provides a complete line of Storage, Thermal, and Mobile solutions. They are leading the scene of the Build-Your-Own-Drive market with our popular NexStar External Hard Drive Enclosure Series.  In 2003, Vantec established an R&D and Sales office in Taiwan. Through this expansion, they are constantly integrating innovative technology to their products. Vantec passed the 1 million units’ milestone mark in 2007 and expanded its very successful NexStar line up along with its EZ-Swap, Stealth, Areoflow, Tornado, and Iceberg product lines. In 2009, they established a new office in Guangzhou, China. Now with a world-wide distribution network, Vantec products can be seen across the globe.

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