Vantec UGT-S110 7.1 Channel PCIe Sound Card Review


Who doesn’t want nice 7.1 channel surround sound for their gaming or Media PC? What’s that? You want 7.1 but your motherboard only came with the basics for audio and you don’t want to spend a ton of cash on a high-end sound card? Well then look no further because our friends at Vantec have you covered with their affordable 7.1 channel PCIe sound card. They were kind enough to send us one to check out for you guys so let’s have at it!

About Vantec

“Founded in 1994, and headquartered in Fremont, CA, Vantec is a leading brand of computer accessories that provides a complete line of Storage, Thermal, and Mobile solutions. We are devoted to every computer user from mainstream to enthusiast. Our goal is to provide a complete and affordable line of products for all computing needs.

At Vantec, we strive for innovation and to demonstrate this, we are leading the scene of the Build-Your-Own-Drive market with our popular NexStar® External Hard Drive Enclosure Series. The bold colors and mirror finish on the NexStar® , changed industry outlook and put back the WOW factor. Vantec set a new standard and personalized it. No longer does an external enclosure have to look boring. Passing the 1 million units milestone in 2007, Vantec continue to expand its successful NexStar® series along with the EZ-Swap®, LapCool, Stealth, AeroFlow, Tornado and Iceberq lines.

We understand that technology is changing faster than ever, and in 2003, we established an R&D and Sales office in Taiwan. Through this expansion, we are constantly integrating innovative technology to our products. Late 2009, we expanded our worldwide presence by establishing a new office in Guangzhou, China. Now with a world-wide distribution network, Vantec products can be seen across the globe.”

Let’s take a look at the features and specifications now.

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