Verbatim 8 GB Tuff-Clip Flash Drive

Features & Benefits

Portable USB drive with rugged clip for backpacks or key rings
Durable easy slider protects USB connector
Password security feature for privacy protection
Enhanced for Windows® ReadyBoost™
Works with all USB connections
Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000, Mac OS 9.x or higher, Linux kernel 2.6x or higher
Available in either 4GB or 8GB

Reading Verbatim’s comments on the Tuff Clip, it’s easy to see their clarity of purpose. They intended to create a rugged flash drive specifically made to be taken with you: wherever that may be. To accomplish this, they used ABS plastic. That’s acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and it is commonly used to make clarinets, golf club heads, car parts, protective head gear, Lego bricks and even some tattoo inks. That’s quite a pedigree. This thermoplastic is just as at home protecting us as it is the innards of the Tuff Clip. Furthermore, Verbatim didn’t just give this flash drive a common cap to protect its USB connector. They designed a retractable slider to house the connector inside the plastic casing when not in use. Something as small as a flash drive is very easy to leave behind accidentally or lose through a hole in a pocket. To give one more layer of insurance, the Tuff Clip has an integrated carabineer clip. This way you can fasten it to a belt loop, backpack, a key chain or even a binder or notebook.  However, what if the worst does happen and you misplace the flash drive? There’s nothing to worry about, because Verbatim has included password security software. If you chose to use it, the pre-loaded software will help keep your personal data private. Short of assigning a body guard to you and your Tuff Clip, Verbatim couldn’t do much more to make this drive any safer to port around.

Packaging and Contents

Until I actually received my review copy of the TUFF-CLIP from Marken Communications, all this information was just academic. Once the drive arrived, it was time to put it to the test. Here we see the TUFF-CLIP 8 GB flash drive in its blister packaging. It is black with a silver USB connector. Verbatim and the Verbatim logo are engraved on the front of the device.

Turning the packaging over, we have product information. As you can see from the table, the the drive itself is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows, but the security software only works on windows.  Above the tables, there are four images depicting the proper use of the the clip and slider.

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