Verbatim 8 GB Tuff-Clip Flash Drive


Closer look

When I finally got my hands on the actual drive, I was surprised by how light it was. However, that’s the beauty of plastics. You can have a light product that is just as sturdy or sturdier as a larger and heavier one. Here’s a closer look at the Verbatim logo. 8GB is printed on the USB connector. Here’s a close up of the clip in use. When released, it snaps shut with significant force. The slider worked flawlessly and here is a picture of the drive with the USB connector withdrawn. The back of the drive is dominated by horizontal lines. These give more traction to the slider action.



Installing the drive was as easy as I expected it to be. Windows detected it as a removable disk, formatted to 7.44 GB.  As you can see here, the protection software is pre-loaded. 

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