Verbatim 8 GB Tuff-Clip Flash Drive



Normally, we only test performance for flash drives using HD Tune, but I thought a little extra was in order for the TUFF-CLIP. After I ran it through our benchmark software, I took it on a tour of my house, dropping it repeatedly as I went. During our jaunt, I dropped it on carpet, hardwood, tiles, dumb bells and concrete. When finished, I took the drive in and ran the tests again. The test results were the same each time. As there are no moving parts in a flash drive and there was no obvious damage to the USB connector or the flash memory, I would have fainted had it failed.  The ABS plastic did its job admirably.

As the name implies, this is a tough little drive. How does it perform, though? Here are the results, which are very respectable for a drive that wasn’t intended to be a performance record holder.  

To give you a sense of where it stands, we threw the TUFF-CLIP up against 6 other flash drives. Thirty is the magic number for transfer rate and the TUFF-CLIP stays close. Matter of fact, the transfer rate performance for the drive is more impressive as it isn’t as sporadic as some of the other drives. Access time for the drive is amazing. Only one other drive beat it. As you can see from these charts, the TUFF-CLIP holds its own in all tests but CPU usage.

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