Viper Gaming VPR100 RGB 1TB M.2 SSD Review

Unboxing & A Closer Look

Viper’s VPR100 comes in a small red box with a full-color image of the drive on it.

The front flips open to reveal the actual drive as well as a good description of the drive and it’s intended purpose.

The rear has some basic specs in multiple languages.

Inside, the VPR100 sits in a clear clamshell style package.

The VPR100 features a black aluminum heatsink with the viper logo in the center. You care barely see the milky diffusers through the slits in the heatsink.

The rear of the drive is only covered with a label.

Weak thermal adhesive holds the heatsink on so it can be removed easily if needed.

Phison’s E12 controller powers the VPR100.

Four unknown NAND flash modules make up the capacity. They are likely Toshiba BiCS TLC 3D NAND, but we were unable to confirm this.

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