Viper Gaming VPR100 RGB 1TB M.2 SSD Review



Viper’s VPR100 software looks very similar to any of their other software. An image of the device under control occupies the center of the software.

Several lighting presets can be selected from the list on the left, and each can be customized and saved in one of five profiles.

As soon as you hit apply, the drive snaps to whatever preset or settings you’ve picked.

The camera doesn’t really do the drive justice here with how vivid the lighting really is. The lighting effect is saved to the drive and will persist through reboots which is nice. Since the lighting is controlled over the already saturated PCIe bus, certain lighting effects can rob some of the available bandwidth and impact high queue depth sequential reads and writes. We didn’t really notice a measurable impact on the much more important low queue depth random I/O that makes up most of the typical real-world usage.

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