Viper V380 Headset Review

Viper V380 Front Of Package

There are so many gaming headsets out on the market right now that it can be hard to find the one that is right for you. Perhaps you are looking for something specific from a pair of headphones or headset that will help narrow down your search. Or you just want the best bang for your buck. Enter the Viper V380 Headphones which offer unique specifications and a price point that will make you wonder if Patriot is profitable. The Viper V380 Gaming Headset is the latest headset released by Patriot in their Viper series. It features a closed-ear headset with comfortable leather for long gaming sessions. This headset was truly made with gamers in mind. 

Viper V380 Headset Specs

  • The headset has 7.1 virtual surround sound with Hi-Fi 53mm Neodymium Drivers
  • Over the ear leather earmuffs that produce slight noise cancellation
  • Detachable Environmental Noise Cancellation Microphone
  • Full-spectrum RGB illumination on Earcups (customizable if you download Viper Software)
  • Durable braided USB 2.1m cable
  • The headphones weigh 10.9 ounces so they sit comfortably on most people’s heads.
  • The detachable mic features noise cancelation so background noise will be minimal. 
  • Pricing point is 89.99 USD


Back of VIPER V380 Package

What To Expect From The Box

The headset itself will come in a very colorful red box that has all the accolades that the headphones tout. This includes its noise-canceling microphone to the 7.1 virtual surround sound. Patriot isn’t afraid to let you the consumer know what you are getting your hands on. 

Right Earcup Of VIPER V380 still in packaging

One thing to note about the contents of the package is that the external noise-canceling microphone doesn’t have a specific spot inside the packaging and is seemingly just placed on top loosely. This isn’t a big deal as the headset is surrounded by foam to keep it from shifting during shipping but it is something to notice.

Side of VIPER V380 Package displaying specifications

The headset’s wire will come coiled up underneath the headphones and immediately I noticed the quality of the headset’s USB wire. The wire is a felt braided USB cable that stretches 2.1m. Since this is braided you will have a hard time breaking the cable. Another great thing about braided cables is they are nearly impossible to tangle.


Viper V380 In The Field

When I first received the Viper V380 Headset from Patriot I was playing a game on my Nintendo Switch. I saw that the headset was USB compatible and decided to test it on whatever game I was playing at the time. I immediately was blown away by the bass that was coming through the headphones from my Nintendo Switch. I wasn’t even playing a game that used that much bass in its sound design but the V380 made it the forefront of the audio. 

Unpacked VIPER V380 HADSET with packaging in the background

After being blown away by this I immediately plugged the headset into my computer to test out the headset with other PC games and even some music. A good way to test a headphone’s bass is to test it with music so I pulled up a few bass-heavy songs that I downloaded Youtube to MP3 and it was just as impressive as if I put on a pair of Beats. I then decided to take the headphones to the next level and try to game like they were meant to be gamed with. I ended up testing the Viper V380s with a few rounds of Escape From Tarkov, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (both on PC). 

Angled image of VIPER V380 HEADSET unpacked and in front of packaging

I had a feeling that this is where the bass and 7.1 virtual surround sound would really have a chance to shine. My feeling was right as I loaded up my first match of EFT I felt like I was almost playing in virtual reality. As far as audio goes that is. The 3D audio that the Viper V380’s have built-in is one of the most realistic 3D audio experiences I’ve ever heard in modern-day gaming headphones. Did this increase my gameplay experience? Definitely. Did it make me better at the game? No, but I think I’m beyond being good at FPS titles

Viper V380’s Comfort Factor

A huge factor for most people when choosing a pair of headphones or a headset is comfort. Headsets come in many different shapes and sizes and while the Viper V380 headset doesn’t do anything particularly unique with the design of their headset it does impress when it comes to comfort. A few things I will list off are objective when it comes to my personal comfort with headphones. For example, I prefer over the ear earcups on headsets. I think that they are much more comfortable than a pair of earcups that simply sit on your ears. Therefore, the Viper V380s felt comfortable to me in that department. They are designed with over the ear earcups in mind and they will definitely fit over most people’s ears. As for the earcups themselves they are made out of leather and feel very nice over my ears. After long play sessions (reaching 2-3 hours) I barely noticed I was wearing headphones. This is also helped by the fact that the headphones only weigh 10.9 ounces which is barely noticeable when you have them on. 

Both VIPER V380 HEADSET EARCUPS Unpacked In Front of Packaging

The top of the headset is also fitted with a layer of leather to keep the headphones propped up and the top of your head soft. The sides and outside of the earcups are aluminum finish so they feel sleek and look the part. The overall jagged design of the Viper V380 came off as try-hard to me but that is just my opinion and I know many people who would find this design to be cool.

RGB and Viper V380 Software

One of the things you will probably notice first when checking out the Viper V380s is the RGB on the side of the headphones. The RGB is a big feature that Patriot advertises on their website and the box the Headset comes in. The RGB lights surround the outermost part of the earcups on the headset. These will always default to the colors of the rainbow when you plug them in for the first time. There are two ways to change the RGB lights. One is manually on the back of the left earcup there is an LED button. This will cycle through different RGB lights and there are around 8 different selections here. If you want to take the RGB to the next level of customizing you can download the Viper V380 software. In the software, you have many different options including the option to manually customize the color of your headset lights. 


The Viper software is fairly straightforward and has a few features and some gimmicks. For starters, you can edit the audio that the headset receives itself. This can be used to edit the clarity in someone’s voice if you like to listen to podcasts as an example. Another thing you can do with the software is to change the volume in each individual earcup. If you have one ear that is harder to hear out of than the other Viper lets you customize that to your needs. The software also has the ability to mess with the microphone. This is really just a gimmick as you can change the way your voice sounds with 4 different options; a man, woman, dinosaur, and a duck. Overall, the program is worth downloading if you want to adjust those RGB lights and it also has a few extra gimmicks to play around with for a bit. However, if you are fine with the default RGB lights then you can probably skip out on downloading the software.

The Noise Cancellation Microphone

VIPER V380 HEADSET MICROPHONE in front of unpacked headset

You may have noticed I haven’t found too much to complain about with the Viper V380s thus far. I’ve found great sound quality with impressive 3D sound. However, that is about to change. The detachable microphone that comes with the Viper V380s isn’t the best microphone out there. It does succeed in the noise-canceling feature but at what cost? The added ability to sound like you’re gaming in a sewer? If you roll into the discord with this mic on you will likely get called out for sounding like you setup your gaming rig inside an old soup can. Okay, it’s not that bad and it definitely gets the job done. However, if you are shopping for a headset with a good microphone you may want to look past this one. I personally saw this coming when the headset mentioned it was detachable.

AUX END OF VIPER V380 HEADSET MICROPHONE in front of unpacked headset

The noise cancellation is present and it is nice when you want to try and do something else while you are on call with someone, but I don’t think the other person hearing you listen to Taylor Swift is as embarrassing as the mic quality. Okay, that one was a joke, it really isn’t that bad and it gets the job done. I just wish for such a great pair of headphones the mic was a bit better.



When it comes to the market of Gaming Headsets it can get really difficult to pinpoint exactly what you want for your needs. If you are really into surround sound and 3D space I think in the audio department that the Viper V380s will suit most of your needs. They definitely exceeded my expectations and I think everyone should have a chance to see what the V380s are doing for surround sound audio. The overall comfort of the headset should be recognized as well. It is lightweight even though the headset itself looks bulky. The leather earcups and headrest make it easy to wear for long gaming sessions. The smaller details like the dial for the sound on the back of the earcup along with the LED button go a long way for convenience. The only real reason I couldn’t recommend the Viper V380s is for the microphone. It does succeed in what it sets out to do in the noise cancellation department but I think the cost of audio quality may not have been worth it in the end. However, if you buy this headset with the idea that you will upgrade to perhaps a USB microphone then I think this could be the headset for you. Overall, I think Patriot put out another quality piece of hardware and I am always a fan of what they do there.



Viper V380 Headset Video Review


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