Viper V765 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard Review


The humble keyboard has come a long way from the original QWERTY plank, and yet at the same time, nothing much has changed. For most, you press a key get a character and life goes on. Gamers started demanding things like macro buttons to help get that last little edge in games, and their aesthetic demands led to things like RGB lighting. As often happens, this has spilled over into segments. The ability to program complex macros was found to be quite useful to power users and the productivity world where a few dedicated macro keys just weren’t enough. Viper has taken this to the limit with the V765 where every single key can be reprogrammed, turned into a macro or execute all manner of useful things while maintaining the sleek and highly customizable aesthetics gamers require. Let’s take a closer look at the V765 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard!

ProClockers would like to Thank Viper Gaming for sending the V765 Mechanical keyboard over to check out!

Viper Gaming’s take on the V765:
The Viper V765 Mechanical RGB Keyboard comes with a full set of features including the first ever DIP LED box switch for maximum lighting effects! The Kailh White box switches are water and dust resistant (IP56) to make your keyboard last longer and stay cleaner. The full-size layout with compact design makes the Viper V765 the perfect option to take with you when you need it!

With a 3.6mm travel distance, the V765 gives you a quicker response time without sacrificing the mechanical feel gamers need. Don’t just upgrade your set up, bring it to life and immerse yourself in the game.

The V765 is built with a durable aluminum chassis and a magnetically detachable palm rest for comfort and support during those long nights of gaming. Backed by a two-year warranty, the V765 is compatible with all up to date platforms.

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