Viper V765 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Viper Gaming is probably best known for their memory and storage products, but that might be changing with the latest peripherals. The V765 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard is a great addition to their offerings and the quality and features offered under a $90 price tag is tough to beat. The solid aluminum frame makes the keyboard feel rock solid, even when pounding it into the desk in intense gaming moments. The keycaps feel great, the surface doesn’t allow your fingertips to slip around and don’t seem to get slick at all. The box switches were surprisingly enjoyable. The short stroke makes them very fast and the tactile click makes it easy to transition from ‘brown’ switch.
It’s rare for a keyboard in this price range to offer as much programmability as the V765 and you can reprogram or turn any key into a macro. You can do tons of things with the lighting, but much of that can be done directly from the keyboard without the software. We did notice one little bug with the software. The accent strips on either side of the keyboard would spaz out completely when rebooting if they were set to something like the RGB rainbow effect. You could restart the software and ‘fix’ them but it is the only thing that doesn’t persist correctly through a reboot or unplugging the keyboard. We’re quite sure this can be fixed easily with a firmware update and/or a software revision, so no worries.
Overall, we’re quite impressed with the V765 and urge you to take a look if you are in the market for a full featured but still affordable keyboard for your battle station.

Great job Viper!

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