XFX 308 MERC Edition RX 6600XT – The New 1080p King?

Introducing XFX’s 308 MERC Edition RX 6600XT

Built on RDNA2 technology, AMD’s RX 6600XT aims to be the new king of 1080p gaming. Why 1080p though? Gaming at 1440 and 4K are a thing, right? According to the July 2021 Steam survey, more than 67% of players are using a display resolution of 1920×1080. 2560X1440 accounts for 8.49% while 4K gaming accounts for a mere 2.26%. Obviously, the market for 1080p gaming is still strong and doesn’t show signs of giving up its top spot any time soon. XFX reached out to us and asked if we’d have a look at their latest GPU offering, the 308 MERC edition RX 6600XT.

It’s important to note that XFX offers three cards in the RX 6600XT flavor.

Top of the line highest performance model design for enthusiast gamers looking for the best features and a competitive edge.
· XFX and Radeon LED Logo
· Dual Bios
· 3x 90mm Fans
· Passthrough Airflow Design
· 2.5 Slot Cooler

A high performance model design for mainstream gamers looking for great performance, speed and stability.
· Dual Bios
· 3x 80mm Fans
· Passthrough Airflow Design
· 2.5 Slot Cooler

A good performance model design for casual gamers looking to play the latest games at high resolutions and graphic effects.
· 2x 100mm Fans
· Passthrough Airflow Design
· 2 Slot Cooler

Every article I’ve read so far about the RX 6600XT seems to focus on 1080p 240hz gaming quality only. This is brand new technology. Surely, they aren’t going to limit me to 1080p!

“I’ve had my eye on a sweet 4K monitor, what if I upgrade soon?” It’s only when you dig a little deeper that you find the card will support gaming at resolutions up to 8K. So, let’s make sure we’re clear. If you have an ultra wide 1440p or 4K monitor, this card will still be useful to you. It’s just that at resolutions over 1440p, refresh rates drop from 240hz to 120hz at 4K. As of 8/6/21, I didn’t even see this listed on AMD’s web site. Thanks to XFX for providing the chart below and clearing things up.

Let’s Check out the RX 6600XT Specs

Graphics processor: Navi 23
Base clock speed: 1968 MHz
Game clock 2589 MHz
Cores: 2048
Architecture: RDNA 2.0
Memory size: 8 GB
Memory type: GDDR6
Bus width: 128 bit
DirectX: 12.0 Ultimate
TDP: 160 W
Suggested PSU: 500 W
Power connector(s): 1x 8-pin

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