XFX 308 MERC Edition RX 6600XT – The New 1080p King?

The XFX 308 MERC Edition RX 6600XT is Overclock Ready

I’m far from an overclock master, but I decided to push the card a little with MSI Afterburner. Here are the results I was able to achieve.

Stock GPU Settings

Overclock Results

Power Consumption of the XFX RX 6600XT

I’m running a Silverstone ST1200-PTS power supply. More than enough to supply even the most power demanding components on the market. I wanted to see what the power draw was under demanding loads with the XFX RX 6600XT. Instead of relying on potentially inaccurate software reporting, I used a KILL A WATT® meter that I purchased for $24.99 at my local Harbor Freight. At idle, my system is drawing 51.1 watts from the wall. After 20 minutes of gaming, I reached a peak power draw of 278 watts.


Final Thoughts on the RX 6600XT

The RX 6600XT will be available for purchase from AMD partner manufacturers starting August 11, 2021 with an introductory price of $379.00 US. So, the tough question: Should you upgrade? We all know how difficult it has been to find graphics cards over the last 12 months, so I guess the real issue here will be finding one at MSRP. I haven’t seen much from AMD detailing how they will handle the supply chains. Maybe that’s a better question for the manufacturer partners since AMD has stated they won’t be releasing a reference card. I would recommend that if your current card is more than two generations old, it’s definitely worth it, assuming you can find one.

ProClockers would like to thank XFX for providing this sample for our review.
Product support page: http://www.xfxforce.com/shop/xfx-speedster-merc-308-amd-radeon-tm-rx-6600-xt-black

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