Xigmatek Aurora 360 AIO Review

Final Thoughts on Xigmatek’s Aurora 360 AIO

 Xigmateks Aurora 360 is an AIO designed to maximize on esthetics. It certainly has ultimate RGB capabilities and an easy remote way to select just about any color setup you wish. Most will find using the motherboard sync more to their liking than the preloaded color themes. For those that want maximum color but don’t plan on going crazy with performance, this could be just for you. Installation is overall simple, though a careful eye is still needed when tightening screws, as overtightening has a high possibility of creating some issues since the mounts do seem a bit flimsy.  It will indeed keep even the i9-10900k cool at idle and only during more intense rendering and other intense work or gaming will the AIO be put to the real test. If possible, I recommend getting three higher RPM fans with PWM ports and configuring your AIO into push/pull configuration because higher RPM from the PSU could possibly lower temps and keep them lower, with the lower RPM of the RGB fans slowly pushing out the air. Overall noise from the AIO is quiet, with only a slight hum heard. I could actually hear my monitor’s fans over top of all other fans at “full speed”. Figuring out the fan speed or the pump speed was especially frustrating, as reported speed came to over 5000rpm. Maybe in the future, Xigmatek will include the different fan settings per button press in their updates.

So, should you invest the $140.00/99JOD into this AIO? Currently, it’s one of the lowest-priced 360 AIOs on the market, so I say if you are wanting a budget AIO that gives you access to tons of RGB goodness, you’ll be in good shape!


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