Xigmatek Maverick S 500W Power Supply Review


Late last year Xigmatek released a new mid-range line of power supplies that were said to offer a high value for a low price. The Maverick S line conforms to the PS3 formfactor which means that it shares the same width and height of a standard ATX PSU, but is less deep than the standard. This is great for those who prefer smaller form factor chassis such as micro-ATX and ITX designs. 

Today I am going to be reviewing the 500W model from the Maverick S lineup, but before I get started, let’s cover the basics of this PSU. The 500W Maverick S measures in at 150mm x 85mm x 123mm (WxHxD) yet still manages to squeeze in a 120mm PWM-controlled fan. Xigmatek has provided ample airflow thanks to an aggressive grill pattern on top, and a mesh back that is more open space than metal. 

The 500W Maverick S is built around a partially modular design. This means that its ATX, EPS, and a single set of PCIe Cables are permanently mounted to the PSU. It does however have modular connectors for up to six more cables which we will talk about more later. The PSU features a single +12v rail, and active PFC, and all of the electrical protection circuits one would expect on a modern PSU. Xigmatek list the PSU under the 80-Plus Bronze efficiency certification, and is Haswell compatible. 

With the basic overview out of the way, lets continue on to the meat of the review! 

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