Xigmatek Prospect ATX Chassis Review


The desktop chassis is the centerpiece in any desktop PC setup whether it’s for work, casual or gaming use. Aside from the overall visual aspect of your PC, the chassis also determines the amount of hardware you can put in it. Nowadays, enthusiasts and gamers love to highlight their prized high-performance gaming hardware installed inside a case which made tempered glass as side panels as a popular choice. While we can see a lot of these in the market today, one might not have the spare cash to grab when these tend to be on the more expensive end of things. Fortunately, there’s Xigmatek that’s offering such cases at a much cheaper price point. Follow us today as we check out the Xigmatek Prospect ATX chassis, with tempered glass side panels, is priced at just $59 USD.

The Xigmatek Prospect

Prospect chassis is one of Xigmatek’s latest innovative small form factor chassis to date; it comes with 3 side tempered glass panels to beautifully display every component of the build, clearance for 130mm CPU cooler, and 260mm VGA, 2x pre-installed Xigmatek’s Solar Eclipse II LED fans on the front, PSU placement on the front for space optimization and most importantly, even though it’s a small chassis, it’s compatible for 120mm or 240mm (with the removal of the HDD mount) comprehensive liquid cooling system. Prospect is something that looks awesome from all angles, users are in for a treat.

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