Xigmatek SD1283 Dark Knight Night Hawk Edition CPU Cooler

Closer look

The Dark Knight Night Hawk is one sleek looking CPU cooler the all black look gives it a devilish sense about it. We have seen a couple of all black cooler here in the lab like the Prolimatech Black Megahalems but honestly with the more matte black finish the Dark Knight looks better. And the fact the cooler is black from top to almost bottom except for the base.

We begin with the cooler basics. The Dark Knight weighs just a mere one pound without the fan being attached. This is far less than any of the fans we have tested in the past couple of months. With the height being only 4.72” it should be an easy fit into almost any PC casing.

We begin the tour with a look at the fins that help to make up the cooler. They are made of aluminum just like they are on any other cooler out there but like we stated earlier just about everything is covered in this black coating. The formation of the fins along the side of the cooler is closed off to keep the air produced by the fan moving across them. The four channels we see that travels up the side of the cooler are to support the rubber spacers that secures the fan to the cooler.

Looking at the top of the cooler we see Xigmatek implanted their logo in the center. The same logo appears on the bottom fin as well. And we can also see that even the ends of the heat pipes are black as well.

Xigmatek employs three 8mm heat pipes to adsorb the heat made from the processor. The pipes begin and end at the top of the cooler. A combination of all three heat pipes are rated at 160W which is output of a decently overclocked Sandy Bridge processor.

As you can see from all the images we have posted that the marketing of this product is in the black Ceramic coating that Xigmatek has distributed over the surface of the entire cooler except for the base. The coating acts as a way to increase the heat dissipation by increasing that same area. Does it work? Who knows as we have no real way of testing it.

Now on to the base of the cooler. Like many of Xigmatek every popular products the Dark Knight uses the HDT or Heat pipe Direct Technology. Which in simple terms uses the heat pipes as part of the base making direct connect with the CPU?

The cooler is designed so that two fans can be used in a push-pull configuration but the kit only includes a single fan. The rated at 1000-2200 RPM, up to 89.45 CFM at 30.1 dBA at max rotation.

Accessory wise the cooler comes with everything needed to mount to all of the current Intel and AMD sockets.

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