Xigmatek SD1283 Dark Knight Night Hawk Edition CPU Cooler


First thing first, you cannot talk about the Xigmatek SD1283 Dark Knight Night Hawk without talking about the ceramic coating. I can’t say that the cooler performed as well as it done because of it but it did performed pretty darn well. In our test we had seen it outperform the large Reeven Kelveros which we reviewed not too long ago. The coating gave the cooler a look that is quite different from anything we have seen. I mean different in a way. It blended in well with the rest of the system which consist of a black based motherboard and black shrouded graphic cards.

The fan that comes with the cooler did its job in helping the cooler perform. It was pretty quiet while we had it connected using the PWM function. When the system was rebooted with the PWM feature disenable the fan wake up. It was not terribly loud but it did compete with the fan of the ASUS GTX 560 we used on the bed.

While the cooler did well in our testing with its single fan, Xigmatek does include the mounting hardware to add another fan. Setting it up in a push-pull configuration should reduce temps atleast another 2-3 degrees.

Mounting was a breeze so we could not hold that against. Well, it was a breeze when it came to installing it on an Intel socket 2011 motherboard. We had it up and running in the matter of minutes.

The SD1283 Dark Knight Night Hawk will cost you about $49 on the web making it a better than decent investment. And we found it ideal for someone planning on overclocking low moderate levels.

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