Xigmatek Spirit M Chassis Review


Computer cases have evolved from ordinary looking aluminum boxes into something more complex and appealing ever since enthusiast builders came out. Now we see cases in different shapes and sizes. If you are on a budget in building a micro-ATX rig or smaller, Xigmatek has something new for you, the Spirit M micro-ATX chassis. This new addition to Xigmatek’s cases will have a standard retail price of $39.99. I don’t usually give out the price of the product in the introduction but for this review, I want you to take note of this before we move forward. Read on the next page and check out the Spirit M micro-ATX chassis.

Xigmatek’s Take on the Spirit M

Xigmatek Spirit M innovates the perfect craftsmanship of the Spirit chassis with a compact body designed for performance. The Spirit M has a large air intake design, low-key but dramatic appearance to attract global attention.

This Micro-ATX uses a new case design, with the most advanced concepts of integrated cooling solutions exceeding the cooling capabilities of the original chassis. You can now install two sets of 240mm radiators and an additional 120mm radiator giving you cooling effectiveness comparable to a Super Tower.

Equipped with two sets of high-speed USB 3.0, a silent Xigmatek fan is included with this professional gaming computer case. Even though small and compact, the Spirit M can easily support the most advanced graphics cards with capacity for 350mm, far larger than any Micro-ATX chassis.

Xigmatek’s release of the new Spirit M Compact chassis, will lead Micro-ATX chassis into a new era!

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