Xion Predator Gaming Series AXP 970 Mid Tower

Closer Look Outside

There are good cases; there are great cases.  Build quality matters, and it starts with cooling. As you can see from this picture the four external 5.25” bay slots, and the bottom external SATA hot swappable slots, are vented to allow for maximum airflow. To sweeten the pot, there’s a whopping fan taking in air as well. Nice work.

Who likes air? We all do and the left side panel has 12 fan mounts, that can accommodate two 120mm or a single 200mm, providing you with a variety of fan installation possibilities. On the bottom you will find the standard rubber feet. As you no doubt have notice towards the rear is another grill vent, this one specifically being for the power supply. Very nice!

The top carries the usual assortment of I/O connectors and obligatory power/reset combo, but also more pre-drilled vents. Got to love it.
The right side doesn’t get any vent lovin’, but makes up for it with a nice paint job and elegant lines. Again we compliment Xion on the thought put forth in regards to design and airflow.

No case review is complete without a few shots of the rear; it’s not just for ports, you know. Here we have more ventilation, to the right of the expansion slots, and the top. Also take note of the 120 cm fan, which below it you’ll also find holes for water cooling options. Last but not least, at the bottom, the PSU cubbyhole sits empty.

I’d like to take a moment to say the build quality so far is phenomenal. I’ve put my mitts on dozens of cases through the years and this one is in my top ten. The paint finish is smooth and with minimal bubbles. Everything fit snug, but not too tight. Taking off the sides and putting them back on, they slid right into place.

Here’s another shot of the front panel. Sitting in the middle are audio in and out jacks, which are flanked by two USB ports. Then power and reset switches to the far right, with a convenient eSATA port on the far left.

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