Zhiyun Smooth-Q2 Smartphone Gimbal Review

Packaging & A Closer Look

Being as we got a pre-production model of the Smooth-Q2, it arrived in a plain white box. I’m sure the production version will look different and is probably branded in some way.

Sliding the white cover off the box reveals the Smooth-Q2 packed in precisely cut foam with a black square envelope on top.

Taking the Smooth-Q2 out of the packaging we also find a user guide, USB charging cable, and a phone holder. The user guide that came without sample was in Chinese, but there is an English version that can be downloaded from their website (Manual). It’s also possible that an English version of the manual will also be included with the production version of the Smooth-Q2.

Now that the Smooth-Q2 has been unboxed, we can now get our first look at the gimbal. The first thing that surprised us about the Smooth-Q2 was how compact/light it was, only measuring 204mm long and weighing a little over 500g (380g without the battery). Zhiyun also didn’t skimp on the materials with the Smooth-Q2 maintain a premium feel throughout with the whole body consisting of matte black aerospace-grade aluminum.

On the handle of the Smooth-Q2 is the plastic control panel that includes a mode/battery indicator, five-way joystick, photo/video button, and a power button. The Smooth-Q2 has 5 different modes and they are:

  • Pan – Twist the handle to pan left/right (or use the joystick) with the tilt staying locked
  • Lock – Phone remains pointing in the same direction when moving the gimbal
  • Follow – Like pan but you can tilt the phone up/down by moving the handle forward/backward
  • POV – Can do both Pan/Follow motions but can also tilt the phone
  • Vortex – Phone rotates 360 degrees for barrel shots

Turning the handle slightly, you can find the Smooth-Q2’s USB Type-C charging port that can be used in conjunction with the included USB cable.

Looking to the top of the unit, there is a nice splash of color with a red locking mechanism. This is useful to quickly attach/detach the included phone holder to the Smooth-Q2.

Also included in the upper part of the gimbal is a micro-USB port which can be used to charge your phone using the Smoot-Q2’s battery. Due to the multitude of phones that can be used with the Smooth-Q2, a micro-USB is not included with the unit. Mentioned in the Smooth-Q2 user guide, this port can not be used to charge the device and doing so can damage the unit.

Attaching the phone holder is extremely simple and can be done by sliding it into the grooves at the top and locking it into place. The holder itself can be extended to fit a variety of different sized phones and is held in place with 2 rubberized pads on either side. Looking to the back of the phone holder is also a pad of rubber that should protect your phone from getting any scratches.

With the phone holder attached to the gimbal, we can now place our iPhone on the gimbal. Putting the phone into the holder was an easy process by pulling both sides and placing each side over the phone. Even with an OuterBox case on our phone, it had no problem fitting in the holder. The holder is also spring loaded so it holds the phone firmly in place with no worries about it accidentally falling out.

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