Zhiyun Smooth-Q2 Smartphone Gimbal Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Being the first smartphone gimbal I have used, I was really impressed with how stable and easy to use the Smooth-Q2 was. I really loved how compact and light the Smooth-Q2 was, being able to bring it on my hike and not having to bring a backpack was a huge bonus. I can also see bringing this to family events so that I could capture moments with shake-free video.

The moment I powered on the Smooth-Q2, it was extremely easy to set up and balancing the phone only took a few minutes. Once balanced and connected to my phone, I was able to control the gimbal and take photos/video with a single hand thanks to the well-placed controls. The Smooth-Q2 offers many shooting modes based on your preference or the type of shot you are going for. My personal favorite is the “Follow” mode, allowing me to take some stellar shots of the fall leaves.

Overall, I was blown away with the Smooth-Q2 and will be adding it to my arsenal of content creating tools.

Amazing job, Zhiyun!

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