Zotac ZBOX CI660 Nano Mini PC review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Zotac is no stranger to the small PC world, and their lineup extends from even smaller than this up to reasonably portable PC’s designed as a backpack for VR. The CI660 Nano is the flagship of the C-series lineup and for good reason. Power consumption is very modest, but it does still have some room to flex when you need that burst of CPU muscle. Unlike some mini-PC’s, it feels very responsive and agile and doesn’t have that ball-and-chain around your ankle feel when trying to get something done.
Connectivity is quite robust for this size of a machine. Dual [email protected] monitor outputs cover all of the bases. Dual Intel powered Network ports plus the strong performing CPU and up to 32GB of ram would make this a monster of a home-brew router or network appliance. With no less than seven USB ports, you likely won’t run out of those either. That brings us down to cost. With the price tag of right at $700 for this model equipped with 4GB of memory and a 120GB SSD on Amazon as of this writing, about $100 worth of storage and memory on average, that gives us around $600 for this barebones model. It’s a little steep, but there is very little (pun intended) competition at this level of performance and tiny size. Normally,  you can have little and silent, OR you can have powerful, Zotac gives you both, and this makes the price a little more palatable.

Great job Zotac!


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