Cooler Master MasterAccessory MP750 XL Soft Mouse Pad Review: Page 5 of 6

Posted by James Keir on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 8:00am

Software & Testing

My first impression of the MP750 -XL was that it was extremely large at 940mm by 380mm and I’m lucky that my desk was large enough to accommodate it. That being said, I’m not going to be able to go back to a small mouse pad again. I really like that the keyboard and mouse can effortlessly fit on the MP750 with plenty of room to spare. The pad itself feels extremely nice on my wrist and as advertised, the mouse just glides across the surface. I used it for a 3-hour gaming session of CS: GO, the MP750 felt great throughout and it is a huge upgrade over my old much smaller mouse pad. The surface is plenty big and not once did I have to adjust the mouse’s position due to hitting the edge of the mouse pad.

Cooler Master MP750

After my gaming session, I tested the MP750 water resistance by pouring some of my water on it. The water beaded perfectly and was easily soaked up with a paper towel and left no evidence that water was ever spilled on it. Even though the surface is water resistant, I would probably try to avoid spilling your drinks near the RBG controller as there no mention of it being waterproof.

Cooler Master MP750

To configure the MP750, you can download the Portal software from Cooler Master’s website. When on the download page you have a choice to download 2 different versions of the software 1.0.0 and 1.4.3. The 1.0.0 supports for following products: MK700 series, CK500 series, SK600 series, MasterKeys Pro series, MasterMouse Pro L, MasterMouse S, MM530, MM531, MM520, Sentinel 3, Xornet 2 with the 1.4.3 version supporting the MP750 in addition to the MP860 and MH7532.

When you install and run the Portal software, the MP750 is automatically detected but you will notice that my CK552 and MM530 isn’t. This is because the MP750 requires version 1.4.3 or the Portal software where my other hardware requires 1.0.0. This is a little inconvenient when configuring all my Cooler Master devices and I hope they will add all Cooler Master hardware to the newer version sometime in the future.   

Cooler Master MP750

Once you select the MP750 you have 4 options for the RGB border that include:

  • Color Cycle: cycles through all colors at a configurable speed
  • Static: Configure the MP750 border as a single color
  • Breathing: Fades in and out changing the color each time at a configurable speed
  • Off: Turn off the RGB border

Cooler Master MP750

I finally settled on the default static purple on the MP750 with my CK552 doing a slow color cycle and the MM530 lit blue.

Cooler Master MP750


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