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notepal u3It seems that Cooler Master has not stop with the manufacturing of the laptop and has released a new NotePal entitled the U3. The U3 differ from the U2 in many ways much exciting feature would be the customizing of the fans to best fit your needs. Yes, you got it the fans can be adjusted to cool areas of the laptop where best needed. A must have for anyone needing extra cooling from an external source.

Introduction to the Cooler Master NotePal U3

We here at Pro-Clockers are fast becoming familiar with Cooler Master’s line of laptop coolers, as we have reviewed no less than eight of them. Most of the time the newest one is slightly better than the last, but we were real big fans of the NotePal U2. A unit that I used for some time after the review was done as it was my ASUS WJB best friend. Then from Cooler Master’s Choiix line came the Comforter. Since the purchase of my new Sony F series I no longer need a cooler like the U2, but something more that would allow for more comfortable laptop usage, and s a matter of fact I am typing this very review while using the Comforter.

It seems that Cooler Master has not stop with the manufacturing of their laptop cooler line and has released a new NotePal, entitled the U3. The U3 differs from the U2 in many ways. One exciting feature would be the custom control over the fans to best fit your needs. Yes you got it, the fans can be adjusted to cool areas of the laptop that require it the most. A must have for anyone needing that extra bit of external cooler.

Cooler Master take on the NotePal U3

“Cooler Master, in its commitment to continual improvement, has improved the value proposition of the NotePal U3 by having it support 17-19 inch notebooks and equipping it with three movable 80mm fans that are connected to a fan speed controller clip. This is all powered by a single pass-through USB cable so users won’t have to sacrifice a USB port. The fan speed controller clip allows for easy attachment to either side of the U3 to accommodate different USB port locations.”


Model R9-NBC-8PCK-GP
Color Black
Material Aluminum, Rubber
Dimension 420 x 320 x 65 mm (16.5 x 12.6 x 2.5in)
Weight 2.3 lbs / 1.04 kg
Operation degree 10 degree angle
Power USB 5V DC
USB USB 2.0/1.1 x 1 (for power in)
Compatibility Supports all 15" ~ 17" notebooks (up to 19")
Fan Dimension 80 x 80 x 10mm (3 fans included)
Fan Speed 950 ~ 1800 RPM
Fan Speed Adjustment Clip-on fan speed control
Fan Airflow 15.4 CFM *single fan
Fan Noise Level (dB-A) 18 dBA (Min.)
Warranty 1 year
UPC Code 884102009662

Closer look

We all know that laptops can produce their fair share heat and the larger the that laptop becomes, the more heat it will produce. That is why the shelves at your local computer store are full of laptop coolers like the NotePal U3 from Cooler Master. Cooler Master have made quite a few of these coolers in their days, many of which we have seen here on Pro-Clockers. Yet none of them have been as customizable as the new NotePal U3.

The U3 is made from a brilliant brushed aluminum mesh, that we found out is extremely light. You can’t really tell from the images but the U3 is slightly larger than most other laptop coolers, and the reasoning behind this is to support those gaming laptops that can be larger than 17 inches. "How big?" you may be asking, well it can handle laptops up to a whopping 19 inches! If you're not quite sold yet, then keep reading and we may just change your mind...

There are rubber pads placed in various locations to keep the laptop from sliding around on the cooler, and they reach far enough towards the center of the cooler to safely catch smaller laptops as well. Pads also can be found on the bottom to keep the cooler from sliding around on any hard and flat surfaces like a desk or table.

The main feature of the U3 are it's 3 caged 80mm fans, as they can be place anywhere on the backside of the cooler to successfully cool your laptop. All three fans are attached to and powered by a single USB connectors. The USB connector is a pass-thru style, as to allow the USB port of the laptop to also be used by another peripheral while still powering the fans..

The fans are secured to the cooler's mesh via these small buttons. The power wires are held out of the way with this clip that you are free to put next to the most convenient USB port. It also comes equipped with a handy speed controller for you to dial in the speed you feel is necessary, instead of feeding the fans with the full 5v that the USB port offers.


Finally, here are 2 simple examples of the almost endless fan arrangements you can choose, to give a quick idea of just how flexible this platform is.

Using the NotePal U3
Here we have the laptop sitting comfortable on the U3. With the rubber feet doing their job, our Sony has never felt so secure. We did not have to worry about taking up a USB as we were able to still plug in our mouse's IR adapter.

If you are in need of taking the cooler and the notebook to a different location Cooler Master has also thought about that as well. With the provided strap the laptop is secured into the back of the cooler, and the feet that keep the unit from sliding around the table now double as a holder to secure the laptop. Now everything is packed up together and should fit into most laptop bags.


The Cooler Master NotePal U3 is a great product as it offers a lot in the form of versatility. It's weight is kept down due to the aluminum makeup, and the availability to cool laptops up to 19 inches, while are both great features end up being only a small part of what it offers. What will impress many of you, as it did us, is the ability to customize the cooling setup to best fit your laptop's needs. The three 80mm cooling fans can be place in various places under the cooler in order to provide you the best cooling possibilities.

The power for the fans is provided via the laptop's USB port, and if they are all currently in use you don’t have to worry, as the USB power connector is a pass-through that allows you to still utilize whatever port it is plugged into.

The only knock against the U3 that we found was that the fan clip moved very easily. This has been remedied after the fact, as Cooler Master now includes rubber strips that fit between the blades of the clip to keep it from sliding.

If you need to transport the cooler and the laptop together then Cooler Master thought ahead, leaving enough room to allow the laptop to fit in the back of the cooler to allow for easy storage.

Cooler Master pulled out all the stops with the NotePal U3 making it hard to imagine what they have in store for the next model.

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