EasyAcc 2nd Gen. Brilliant 10000mAh Power Bank Review

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Posted by Michael Pabia on Friday, February 12, 2016 - 8:00am


These day, a modern man would be carrying a smartphone alone with other devices with him be it for work, for a workout or whatever activity you have with the great outdoors. Extending the life of your devices while away from home is possible thanks to portable power banks. Today, we will be taking a look at a power bank from EasyAcc, their 2nd Gen. Brilliant 10,000mAh power bank.

EasyAcc's Take On the 2nd Gen. Brilliant 1000mAh Power Bank


iPhone-6-plus-size, 10% thinner than competitors.

Fast Charging

Advanced smart technology, automatically identify the device connected and output fastest current to achieve the efficiency of original charger.

Safety Insurance

9 protections from all-around the power bank, provide more reliable and safer using experience.


  • Outer Case - Premium grinding craftsmanship with better touch.
  • Battery - High-quality Li-polymer battery cell.
  • Center Frame - Uniquely colored and durably constructed.
  • Auto On/Off - Auto on/off when devices are connected or unplugged.
  • PCB - Highly sophisticated and safe smart ICs; short circuit protection; overcharge protection; overdischarge protection; overcurrent protection.
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Smart Power
  • Capable of charging new MacBook

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