iClever Dual Port Car Charger Review

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Posted by Charles Gantt on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - 8:00am


Keeping our mobile devices charged is becoming one of the main focuses of our day to day routines, and one of the biggest hurdles to all-day device usage is keeping them charged on the go. In this review I am going to take a look at a dual-port car charger that should help with this issue. Additionally, I am introducing a new review format that I have dubbed Quick Reviews. These reviews will be shorter, contain less banter, and will be straight and to the point. Quick reviews are designed for products that do not need a five-page spread, in what could be accomplished in just two or three pages. 

The iClever Dual Port Car Charger, model #IC-CC08, is a two-port USB car charger that is designed to charge or power two high-current USB devices at once. iClever says that this charger is capable of delivering up to 24-Watts total, with 2.4-Amps per port. The charger also features what the company calls “SmartID technology,” which is said to allow the charger to identify different devices to “ensure maximum charging efficiency.” I am not sure how much truth there is to “SmartID technology” though, as in my testing, I never noticed any difference in device charging times between all three devices I tested with. 

Before we take a closer look at the charger, lets check out its specifications. 


  • Input Voltage Range: DC 12-18V
  • Output Voltage: DC 5V 4.8A (2x2.4V)
  • Size: 28.4 x 22.7 x 63.3 mm

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