iClever Smartphone Car Holder Review

Posted by Charles Gantt on Monday, March 7, 2016 - 8:00am


In my last review, I took a look at a Dual Port Car charger from a company called iClever. This review will focus around another of their products, the IC-CH03 Smartphone Car Holder. Just like my last review, I am utilizing my new quick review format for this product. Quick reviews will be shorter, contain less banter, and will be straight and to the point, and are designed for products that do not need a five-page spread, in what could be accomplished in just two or three pages. 

The iClever IC-CH03 Smartphone Car Holder, a suction cup mobile phone mount that is adjustable in size to accommodate most of the phones on the market today. Unfortunately as you will find out later, I happen to have the one phone that does not play well with this mount. So let’s get on with the review.  

Before we take a closer look at the mount, lets check out its features. 


  • Allows full 360° rotation for portrait and landscape viewing.
  • Easily adjustable tilt and swivel mechanism for optimal viewing angle.
  • Sticky gel pad adds adhesive strength to extra-strong suction cup that is fully washable and reusable.
  • Quick release button is available for easy removal
  • Supports mobile devices with width ranging between 1.9" – 3.7".



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