KUKE Charging Case for iPhone6 Review

Posted by Michael Pabia on Monday, August 3, 2015 - 8:00am

KUKE Charging Case for iPhone6 Review

KUKE iPhone6 Charging Case


Not enough battery life on your iPhone6? Kuke has a smart solution for your iPhone6 wherein it extends the life of your phone plus add protection at the same time. Join us today are we check out the KUKE Diamond Style Battery case for iPhone6 which is both an armor and a powerbank.

KUKE's take on the iPhone6 Battery Case

A light and thin alloy frame perfectly fitted to the mobile for both protection enhancement and quick charging. With high quality materials and an ideal process, the mobile charging of the phone can be completed with just one wire.

Light Sync global PCT patented technology realizes a “jawless” shell. With a 2400mAh battery, the iPhone 6 will never die from a loss of power.

Slim body as its predecessor

The gorgeous metal cutting section is smooth, uniform and perfectly polished; the back cover has been subjected to special skin-alike treatment in painting which prevents the remain of fingerprints; this together with the metal Logo, KUKE, will always present you with the most outstanding appearance.

The shell is screwed in a classic and vintage manner

With a classic design of a screw mouth, the shell will be tightly mounted by tightening the screws gently on both sides with a screwdriver, a method which is fast and convenient. At that moment, it will seem like you have turned into a watchmaker after tightening it.

A hard shell with distinct edges and corners

With CNC cutting technology, diamond-type KUKE features a high cutting accuracy as well as smooth and neat sections; with excellent cutting and tapping technology, the hardness of the metal during each procedure is restored and perfect and top quality edges and corners are polished; with a two-sided screw mouth and perfectly fitted threads, no mobile phone will ever fall out.

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