LUXA2 EnerG Slim 5000mAh Power Bank Review

Posted by Michael Pabia on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 - 8:00am

LUXA2 EnerG Slim Power Bank


LUXA2 have provided us one of their power bank solutions before which greatly impressed us. The EnerG portable power bank series just got thinner, cue in the EnerG Slim power bank series. LUXA2 currently have two models for this series, the 5000mAh and the 10000mAh variants. Today, we will be looking at the EnerG Slim 5000mAh Power Bank. Will this be as impressive as the larger EnerG power banks or thinner is simply better? We will find that out in this review.

LUXA2's Take On the EnerG Slim Power Bank Series

Power Up Slim Style

The EnerG Slim provides quality performance and reliable power for all your smartphone compatible devices, and is designed for use for any travel occasion. It is also compact enough to fit into pockets, bags and any other forms of storage for convenience.

Lightweight and Compact with Big Capacity

Weighing only 120g, and with a thickness of 9.8mm, the unique internal design architecture of the EnerG Slim results in maximum space to power optimization, leaving you with a big capacity power bank that feels incredible. The use of a hi-grade 5000mAh lithium polymer battery cell further adds to this amazing form to power capacity fit.

Share the Power

Commanding a 5V1.5A USB charging port, the EnerG Slim has more than enough power for you to share amongst yourself, friends and the variety of compatible devices that they may have.

Built to Last with Fireproof ABS Protection

Using the latest chipsets, circuit board technology and wrapped in a fireproof ABS (UL94/V-1) casing, the EnerG Slim has a vast array of inbuilt features that enhances performance, reliability, with a plethora of inbuilt safety mechanisms for short-circuit and protection from overcharging/overheating.

High Power Transfer Efficiency

Compiling a 90% energy conversion efficiency rating, the EnerG Slim ensures more juice is available for your device, so that you stay connected for longer and more is readily available when needed.

Quick Charging with Utmost Longevity

Requires a mere 6.5 hours to fully charge from flat (0-100%) and provision of >2,000 charge cycles means that you can charge and charge on end, without having to worry about detrimental effects on battery performance.

Certified for Overall Reliability/Safety with 2 Year Warranty

The EnerG Slim has undergone vigorous testing to ensure performance, reliability and quality are up to LUXA2 standards and we offer a 2-year warranty on all our portable battery banks to be free from defects. Our battery banks have also undergone regulatory testing to ensure regulated conformity in the respective regions.

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