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Posted by Damon Bailey on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

NZXT HUE 2 Ambient V2 Lighting Kit

NZXT adds another excellent device to its HUE 2 ecosystem. Reactive ambient lighting has long been the realm of only the most hardcore tinkerers, but now anyone can enjoy the experience and the benefits with about 2 minutes worth of work. If you just want a little more RGB bling, you can easily sync the lighting to the rest of your CAM controlled lighting. We actually really enjoyed just setting it to a solid white for Bias lighting while working and then flipping over to Ambient with games or movies.

Setup is dead simple and anyone should be able to install this and get up and running in minutes. You do have to stick the strips to your monitor which make those with very expensive gaming monitors cringe a little, but we did peel back one strip and the tape came off cleanly. The flexible strips easily adapt to monitors without flat backs, but be sure to ‘dry fit’ each segment to make sure you don’t have to dodge buttons or ports as we did. We would also really like to see the controller to RGB cords be just a couple inches longer. With larger monitors becoming the norm, sometimes a few extra inches will get you to a good mounting spot for the controller a little easier. The USB and power cables were quite long and should prove sufficient for most users.
We also ran into one little catch we feel the need to point out. If you have multiple monitors, the CAM software only monitors the ‘main’ monitor, so you may have to swap cables and settings around to make sure the monitor you want to illuminate is number 1. Perhaps a future software update could make this selectable in the Ambient setup. Outside of this one little issue that many won't run into anyway, There is nothing but love for the Hue 2 Ambient lighting kit.

Great job NZXT!

 ProClockers Editor's Choice Award


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