Vantec 7-Port Dedicated Aluminum USB Smart Charger Review

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Posted by Aaron Howe on Monday, June 22, 2015 - 8:00am

Vantec 7-Port Dedicated Aluminum USB Smart Charger


These days USB truly has become universal. With the ability to connect and charge your phones, tablets, game controllers, speakers, and even power external drives. Before the days of USB there were many different kinds of connectors for all of these devices, Com, parallel, external SCSI, PS/2, etcetera. Due to the rapid expansion of the USB standard – there is an issue in most homes these days, a lack of support for a universal hub where everyone can charge their devices at one centralized location. Vantec is looking to solve this with their 7-Port Dedicated Aluminum USB Smart Charger.

Vantec was founded in 1994, and has their headquarters in Fremont, CA. Making their mark in the storage, thermal, and mobile solutions market – they push the boundaries of what is out there, always making it their goal to provide a complete and affordable line of products for all computing needs.

Vantec’s Take on the 7-Port Dedicated Aluminum USB Smart Charger

The Vantec 7 USB Port Smart Charger opens up the opportunity to connect multiple Portable Devices like Tablets or Smart Phones all together for charging. The Smart Controller in the Charger can simultaneously detect the connected Portable Devices and provide the best dedicated fast charging to the attached devices. This will save you time and consolidate your devices at one convenient place. This Charger is made with industrial grade aluminum casing and attached mounting bracket for easy installation. A Certified Power Adapter is included to ensure ample and stable power for all your 7 devices simultaneously.



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