Vantec 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub + 2-Port Smart Charging Review

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Posted by Heath Coop on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 4:46am


Vantec 7-Port Hub


Before USB, there were literally dozens of different standards for connecting all the varied devices to a PC. Com, parallel, external SCSI, and PS/2 ports were needed to connect things like printers, scanners, network adapters, external drives, keyboards, and mice. UBS eliminated the need for all those various standards for one high speed universal connection. Now almost every imaginable device that can connect to a PC uses USB. As the number USB enabled devices grew, so did another issue, there was often not enough USB connectors on a computer to connect everything at once. The USB hub was born, but the was still another issue that needs to be resolved, limited charging power.

Many of the new tablets and smart phone on the market that can use a high current power supply  to decrease the time it takes to charge them. Most computers are no capable of supplying this current, so a dedicated charger is needed to take advantage of this feature. Enter Vantec. They have taken the idea of the USB hub one step further by adding high power charging ports. Utilizing an external AC power adapter adds the extra current needed to charge this devices while having them connected to a computer. The hub is also capable of being used without a computer as a dedicated USB charging station.

Vantec's take on the 7-Port Hub + 2 Smart Charging Hub

The Vantec USB 3.0 Aluminum Smart Charging Hub opens up the opportunity to connect multiple USB devices and charge your tablet or smart phone using the dedicated fast charging ports simultaneously. This will save you time and consolidate your devices at one convenient place. This Hub is made with industrial grade aluminum casing and gives you the maximum Current per USB 3.0 or DCP port for any power hungry devices. A Certified Power Adapter is included to ensure stable power for both data and the dedicated charging ports. With USAP support and Plug and Play design, this Hub will simplify and speed up any file transfer.

  • Made with industrial grade aluminum alloy casing
  • Maximum power to support all USB 3.0 and charging ports simultaneously
  • Support UASP protocol to enhance performance
  • Certified premium power adapter to provide over voltage and current protection for stable power
  • Support Battery Charging 1.2 specifications with USB DCP fast charging capability
  • Standalone charging design to use without powering on your system

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