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on Thursday, October 15, 2009 - 4:35pm

Cooler Master NotePal U2The Cooler Master NotePal U2 is a hot looking new unit designed with one thing in mind, keeping your laptop cool.  Cooler master does this with an amazing looking design.  Its frame is made out of aluminum with some rather stylish rubber mounts that combine aesthetics and usefulness.   I may have mentioned this before, but it’s worth saying again, heat is the killer of laptops, so you do whatever you can to remove heat from the equation.  After all, a laptop cooler is far cheaper than a new laptop!  And if there is one company that you can trust who has cooling running through their veins, it’s Cooler Master.  They have been around the DIY PC market for over a decade providing cases, CPU coolers, and chipset coolers.  They’re also widely respected for the wide range of power supplies they produce.  Their main goal is to provide the best thermal solutions, and they are well known for their cooling expertise.  So let’s take a look at the NotePal U2 and see if their vast experience has produced a winning product yet again.

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on Sunday, September 20, 2009 - 3:48am

choiixCooler master is a well known company that has been around for many years.  They are known for their cases, desktop cooling solutions, power supplies and laptop cooling.  Of course this leads us to why we are here today.  Cooler Master was nice enough to send us a Choiix Air Through Stash laptop cooler.  Laptops are continuing to take over desktop sales these days.  One of the biggest downfalls of laptops is their shortened life span over a desktop and the largest contributing factor to that is HEAT.  Heat is the nemesis of almost all PC’s, but with desktops increased size and room you are not so limited with cooling options.  Of course with your laptop you don’t have the room or even the options to fix your cooling solutions, so you have to look outside your PC to find a fix.  This is of course where Cooler Master Choiix Air Through Stash laptop cooler comes into play.

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on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 - 11:41pm

overviewFor many, Coolermaster is the only choice for computer cases and cooling products. I am a big fan as well. Some may not know it, but they offer more than desktop components and cooling. They have ventured into the world of laptop cooling as well. We saw this in the Choiix review we did a few months ago. A perfect fit for netbook cooling. We enjoyed reviewing it, but with the explosion of laptop sfales in past few years cooling products for portables are becoming an important need. Coolermaster realizes this and developed the NotePal X2 cooling pad. Is it enough to cool the beast that I work with everyday? We will see.

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on Monday, July 6, 2009 - 5:55am

 Enermax Aeolus Laptop CoolerThe Aeolus is Enermax's attempt to bring high performance cooling to laptops. When I say high performance, I refer to the massive 250mm cooling fan the cooler is built around. Yes, you heard it right, 240mm. This has to be the largest fan on a laptop ever. Besides the fan, the Aeolus shares the same theme we saw in the Aurora keyboard. Smooth and flowing aluminum is the binding structure that supports the cooler. When I first read the specifications on the cooler, I thought it would look grotesque because of a over-sized fan. Yet, the aluminum brings the cooler back down to earth and in a fashionable way.