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Posted by Paul Malfy on Friday, August 11, 2017 - 8:00am

Final Thoughts & Conclusion


As I have said before, ASUS doesn’t slap the ROG logo on just any old item. The ROG STRIX Magnus USB microphone is another example of this kind of quality. Its unique design and superb sound quality sets it apart from the rest of its competition. The three recording patterns make the Magnus versatile and perfect for any recording scenario. The RGB lighting allows you to sync yet another peripheral to the rest of your hardware which gives you just that much more customization to your set-up.

The sound quality with the Magnus is great. It is far superior to the Blue Yeti and has one thing the Yeti desperately needs: sensitivity control. I praise ASUS for adding sensitivity control to this microphone. The Magnus even has notably clearer sound quality than my MLX 990. Top that with how portable the Magnus is, and I think we have a winner. At the time of this review, the ROG STRIX Magnus is hard to find. MSRP is $209.99, but the product link I found was selling the Magnus on Amazon for $219.99. However, considering what you get, I think that’s a fair price for such a high-quality mic. The sound quality, added features, and portability have won the ROG STRIX Magnus USB microphone the Proclockers “Editor’s Choice Award.” Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or a rookie just getting into content creation, the ROG STRIX Magnus is, in my opinion, hands down, the best USB mic money can buy. It can even easily trade blows with some XLR mics.

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ProClockers Editor's Choice Award


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