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Posted by Lance Carter on Friday, September 1, 2017 - 8:45am

Final Thoughts  

The Master Cooler MH320 Headset is for the consumer that is looking for an everyday headset that can go from gaming with friends to chatting with a significant other over VOIP and still not destroy their bank account. I'm here to say this is an excellent headset for just that. The oval shaped leather ear cups fit perfectly during the hours of testing. I also enjoyed the self-adjusting headband that works great for those that have large heads, as well as smaller ones, it places the headset exactly where it needs to be at all times. Not only that but the flexible steel band hugged my head with just the right amount of pressure. Over all this is an excellent headset for the price. Go check out the Master Cooler MH320 Headset at Amazon or Newegg

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