Cooler Master MH703 Gaming Earbuds Review: Page 4 of 5

Posted by James Keir on Monday, December 17, 2018 - 8:00am


Cooler Master MH703

To test the quality of the audio and microphone, we decided to use them to game, listen to music, make phone calls and chat on Discord with some friends. Since the MH703 uses a universal 3.5mm jack we chose to use them both on the PC and on an iPhone 6S.

To start off I attempted to use the earbuds with the preinstalled ear tips, but I found that they constantly fell out. I went through the additional ear tip and found what looked to be a size smaller. To replace the ear tips it was quite easy, all you have to do us pull them off and slide the new one on. The smaller tips fit perfectly and the earbud sits quite snug in my ear.

My first experience with the MH703 was with my iPhone 6s while travelling to work. I started by listening to the album Naveed from my favorite band, Our Lady Peace. I was quite surprised at the level of volume even at 60%, and turned them down to about 40% which was a comfortable level. The sound itself was exceptional for a set of earbuds. The bass was great and the overall sound quality was quite good. One feature I did like was the in-line controls; they were easy to use to play/skip songs and was much more convenient than getting out my iPhone every time. I was also surprised at the amount of outside noise that they blocked out. I typically use my iPhone earbuds for rides to work and the MH703 was noticeably better. After listening to a few songs, I figured it was time to test the microphone with a phone call. I had a 5-minute conversation with a co-worker and at no point during the call did they cut out and my co-worker could hear me the entire time. When I was wrapping up the call, I let him know I was testing a set of earbuds and asked him how I sounded. He let me know that my voice was crystal clear and he had no issues with the volume of my voice.

After work I came home, I put away my headset and instead played a game of Rocket League with the MH703’s. Like with the iPhone I have to turn down the volume to about 50% so that it wasn’t too loud (especially when scoring a goal). Before the game started, I hopped on Discord so that me and my team mate could chat instead of using their built-in Rocket League communications. He had a similar response to my co-worker and stated that he had no issues hearing my voice and that it was quite clear. During the game, the MH703’s sounded great and were comfortable for the full 2-hour gaming session

Overall the MH703 performed better than expected and I see myself replacing my stock iPhone buds with these.


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