Creative Sound Blaster K3+ External Mixer Review: Page 5 of 6

Posted by Damon Bailey on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 8:00am

Subjective Testing

Creative Sound Blaster K3+

As with any audio product, the actual audio testing of the K3+ is very subjective. I can say without a doubt that overall, XLR microphones just sound better than USB microphones do. Sure, it may be more expensive to get an interface and an XLR microphone. However, audio is one of, if not the most important part of content creation. Sure, you can have 4k video at 60 FPS. But if you have terrible audio quality, no one will watch your videos.

The Blue Yeti USB mic is one of the most used microphones by streamers and YouTubers. It’s also one of, if not the most sensitive mics I’ve personally ever used and there is little to no control over that. I’ve had times where I was on-stream near a window, the Yeti picked up people outside talking, With the K3+, regardless of what mic is hooked up to it, you can control the gain of each mic separately. We tested this by having someone stand a few feet behind me talking and clapping while recording a clip. I was able to adjust the gain low enough that you couldn’t hear any ambient noise but could hear my voice clearly.

Creative Sound Blaster K3+

I attached an auxiliary cable to the back of the K3+ to try talking some phone calls while I was gaming. I’m happy to say it worked well. Again, this depends on the quality of the phone you’re using. This is the same for your caller. I had a friend call in using a cheaper LG smartphone and there was a bit of static and their volume was rather low. Then I took a call from an iPhone X and the call was crystal clear.

When running benchmarks on my test bench, I try to not use any other programs at all. This is so nothing affects my benchmark results. But it can get boring watching Firestrike a dozen times in a row. Now, I just plug my phone into the K3+ and use it to watch Netflix, YouTube or Hulu. I can even take phone calls through the K3+.  Overall, it’s a very versatile audio interface and the sound quality through the K3+ was excellent.

Creative Sound Blaster K3+

The Auto-Tune effects aren’t anything I’d personally use. However, it’s a great feature for recording artists. If you’re a musician of any kind, the K3+ can add some cool effects to your music. My kids had fun playing with the auto-tune features when using the K3+ as a karaoke machine. The soundboard is great to use on stream. However, this is where I think software would actually be a good thing. I would have loved to be able to either record my own sounds or at least be able to download different sounds from either Creative or a third party.